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Parent IDs in API


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    Shane King

    (Edited )

    I'm currently doingย some experimenting with this. Here's what I've learned:

    If you append the following to a "tasks" call, it will return all associated parent ids (eg: if a task or project exists within multiple folders, it will return an ID for each parent folder):


    Parent Folder is defined as the closest folder(s) above a task, project, or subfolder. I have not figured out how toย getย IDs fromย any folders higher in the folder structure yet.

    Curious to know this as well.ย ย 



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    Hi Tim & Shane,

    For this, you'll need to query individual folders to get the IDs of their parent IDs.

    Iย reckon this might work betterย if you save the Folder tree information and update it every so often so you canย reference the parent Folder localย data andย reduce theย number of API calls.


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    Tim Schoffelman

    Hey Stephen,

    That's how I'm solving the problem at the moment. Saving those parent folders to a cached JSON file and then updating it as additional required folders are added.ย 

    Has there been any discussion about creating a field where we can set what the authoritative or home folder ID? I know this would help slim down on the number of API calls I make to figure outย a few other things.


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