Request Forms with "Smart" Checklists

I have set up a Request Form with a menu (checklist) of deliverables that the Client can choose from. I am trying to figure out how to do two things:

1. I would like some of the checkboxes to lead to other questions if checked, so I can ask for additional unique parameters of that selection.

2. I would like users to be able to select multiple items from the checklist and create Tasks from those selections within the Project created by the RF.

It's almost like I need each selection from the checklist to trigger a unique workflow or project template (kind of like Dropdowns allow - but a Dropdown doesn't work because the User needs to be able to request multiple items from the menu).

I cannot find a workaround for #1. A workaround for #2 could be to add follow-up questions for each item that requires additional input (Did you check ABC above?) to initiate a redirect to another page with the additional questions. This makes the checklist redundant and the form that much longer. Maybe a "smart checklist" could be an added feature in a future update!

If there's another way to allow checklist selections to create tasks and/or lead to multiple follow-up pages, please let me know. Thanks!



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Hi Wyatt, thanks for posting!

1. This is only available for dropdown answers currently. I would like to hear a little more about what this question looks like and why it needs to be a checkbox. If you need to redirect the question's answer perhaps it can be a dropdown selection? Thanks!

2. By using conditional parent Folder you can add a new parent Folder when a checkbox is selected.  This way it will add a Template Folder you've created beforehand when a certain checkbox is selected. It's not possible to do it on a condition of multiple checkbox selections as it's an action-dependent on a single checkbox selection at a time.

I like the #2 workaround but you're right it would result in a long request form when editing it. I like the idea of a smart checkbox for Request Forms, it would be great to add a Product Feedback post here so our Product team will see it and others here can vote for the idea 👍

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The preference for checklists over dropdowns is because I want the requester to be able to select multiple items. Ideally, the form would then route to certain follow-up pages based on the selections made. For example: the checklist I am using asks what type of graphic design assistance is needed for a project, with options such as: Logo, Poster, Webpage, Banner, T-shirt. There about a dozen options in all. If someone needs help creating a Logo, Poster, and T-shirt, there is additional information the design team needs. I want to ask follow-up questions specifically about those items requested. Adding dropdowns is too cumbersome. Since some follow-up questions are specific to certain types of media, it also doesn't make sense to ask everyone those questions. I will copy this post to Product Feedback to see if there is more interest.


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