[Webinar] Getting Clear Visibility for your Team

Hi everyone! During our Getting Clear Visibility for your Team session, we dove into several strategies you can use to achieve real-time visibility with Dashboards and Calendars. You can also use Task-based Reports, Project-based Reports, Custom Fields, and historical Reports to provide long-term assessments of your team's work.
Watch this session below to get more details on how Dashboards, Calendars, and Reports can help your team gain better visibility today.
Check out the comments section for a Q&A recap, and feel free to drop us your other questions/comments below!
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Jamie Lam

Hi! Below is a Q&A recap from our session. If you have additional questions or thoughts, feel free to add them to this thread.
Can you drag and drop Tasks in the Calendar (ie. change a tasks dates)?
  • Yes, if you drag the task to a different day, it will be rescheduled.
Is there a way to hide Custom Field values (i.e. Projected revenue for a Project) from certain users?  For example, if we only want projected revenue for a given Project to only be viewable by certain members of the management team?
  • Yes, that can be managed in the sharing settings of the custom field. If the field is already created, click on the “Edit Column Type” button and select the users/User Groups who you want the field to be shared with.
How are Custom Fields created on the project level?
  • It’s the same way they’re created on any other level – in the table view. Simply select the “Projects” radio button in the sharing settings.
Is there a way to schedule Reports to be emailed to people at certain intervals?
  • The updated versions of the Reports fall into the Wrike inbox and appear just like any other notification. If you want to receive Report notifications to your mailbox, check the “Report is shared with me or delivered on schedule” checkbox in the email addresses tab in the Profile settings.
I am an admin and project manager - are the Dashboard widgets visible to your team automatically or do you have to share them with each team member?
  • No, widgets are not automatically visible to your team. To be able to see widgets on a certain Dashboard, users will need access to the Folder that the widget is based on. And, of course, you would need to share the Dashboard itself too.

Jamie Lam Community Team at Wrike Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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