Using a Word document as a Form

My suggestion/request is related to a project request form. I would like an existing Word Template to be saved as a Wrike Request Form. The detailed template requires information from multiple people/groups to request, perform resource/risk/cost analysis and complete the project. All information is not available when initially filling out the request form.

We would like to be able to use the template document as the form. The person initially requesting the project would modify this template from within Wrike. Once the document is modified and saved (naming convention would come from some of the initial answers) the project/task would be created, with the document as an attachment, and assigned to the creator of the document.

Since additional information is required, the initial creator would add the next person in the step and @mention them letting them know they are responsible for the next steps in the process.

So, in short, the Word template would be the Wrike Form and will be used as the initial request which is saved into a project or task in Wrike. All other communication and modification of the document would be done inside of the project or task via the Wrike Editor.

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I experience a similar issue and think this would be great. Not being able to save a Wrike request as a draft prevents them from being used for more complex tasks that require multiple collaborators. If a Word doc could be "imported" into Wrike and a request form automatically generated from the import, that would make the process much easier. 

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Has anything been added to create this feature?

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for supporting this suggestion! 

For now, our team aren't planning this; I'll let you know if that changes in the future. 

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