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Currently working to create a demo for leadership. The current scope of our team covers multiple states for many of our projects and frequently they overlap. For leadership to be able to filter on Projects and Tasks at hand I currently have the option to create a custom field as a list. This list can include, for example, PA, OH, NY. But only one can be selected. I also have the option to create three separate fields as check-boxes, one PA one OH and one NY. My thoughts about the possibility of combining the two and having the option for a combo check box where a list can be displayed and multiple items can be selected on the list.


Please let me know if this is already a function that I have overlooked or if this is something that I need to give a bit more detail in explaining.




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My company is also in need of this function. We have projects that can be allocated to any combination of 5 regions. Having all the different combinations of regions creates a long drop down list. If there was an option to have one field that has multiple selections would be great.



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Hi guys, just noticed I never came back here -  sorry 😇

Multiple Checkbox is now a Custom Field option. I'm going to close this thread for comments now, but any questions please feel free to post in Best Practices or How To topics 👍


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