What are the advantages to Wrike Desktop Version?


I'm seeking to understand what the benefits would be to using Wrike's desktop version over the web browser. The web browser doesn't have much accessibility via keyboard shortcuts and doesn't have an undo button. These two features, if present in the desktop version, would already convince me to use Wrike through desktop. 

I'd love to have a list of pros and cons to the desktop version, as I need to provide a business justification before gaining access to download it. 

Thank you,

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Hi Scott!

I have only used the desktop app a little bit and didn't really care for it. It just didn't provide any real differences that I found valuable. However, these are the benefits Wrike lists for the desktop app:


Features & Benefits
  • Use Wrike like you do now, but without a browser
  • Removes the distraction of other browser tabs, so you can focus on your work
  • Pin the Wrike desktop app to your taskbar or dock so it’s always accessible
  • See an unread Inbox item counter on the Wrike taskbar and dock icon
  • Use your operating system settings to fine-tune Wrike desktop notifications
  • View Projects and Tasks in tabs or in separate windows
  • Have Wrike links open in the desktop app
  • With no browser address bar, you get more vertical screen space
  • Automatically launch Wrike when you start up your computer


I believe that web-based platforms are superior in many ways, namely the fact that you can access your workspace from any computer. I think your request for controls like undo and redo buttons are great! Have you checked the Product Feedback section of the community to see if this has been suggested? 

One more tip! If you haven't already, this is a nice page to bookmark or print. Keyboard shortcuts are life. 😄 https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/210322725-Keyboard-Shortcuts


Happy Wriking!

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Thank you Anna! I appreciate the feedback. I'll check out the Product Feedback section for the undo/redo buttons and if it's not already there then I'll submit a request. 

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I agree with the remark that the desktop version does not offer any significant benefits over the browser version. In fact, the browser interface offers some options not found on the desktop, such as the browser's dictionary, (limited and unreliable) undo, paste as plain text, and the ability to extend other features by using browser extensions/add-ins. I use the Text Blaze extension in Chrome to define richly-formatted commonly-used text that I can drop into a Wrike description with a few keystrokes. 

One minor advantage of having Wrike "packaged" into a desktop version - really just an optimized stand-alone browser - is the ability to switch focus to Wrike just like it was another app, by using Alt-Tab (or Mac's Cmd-Tab). I find that useful when switching between screens, although I can do similarly by pulling out the Wrike tab from the browser window into its own window, and that benefit does not outweigh the shortcomings of the desktop.

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