Reports: Enabling Flexible Column Order and Preserving Fast Access to Task Detail

Reports are fantastic, but one challenge is being able to order the columns the way you want.

If you change the order and move the title column over (e.g., because it is secondary in importance to date and time, assignee or a custom field), then you can't click into the task detail until you scroll over to the title column. One might not want to use the task title for a variety of reasons (it might be duplicative to a custom field captured on a form, id# may be more important, etc.), but you can't hide it because it is the only way users can click into the task detail.

Particularly in the case of Forms, users may not use the task title for the information of primary importance to users. Assignee, Date / Time, and Tag Name are oftentimes of higher importance, causing those to be the first 1-2 columns.

If all fields in the row were clickable to the task (with possible exception of folder name which might go to the folder list view), then the user wouldn't have to scroll over columns to click into the task. Or, the entire row could be clickable, or the grey row number could be clickable.

Most importantly, the change would always let users into the task detail without scrolling.

A second benefit would be giving report designers the option to display title or not in reports. (Important if they prioritize people, dates/times, or custom fields first, OR use forms in their workflow.)




Recommended tags: Custom Fields, Reports - Flexibility, Optimizing Forms and Reports, Organization of Tasks, UI Speed / Usability

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