Wrike Tip - Document EVERYTHING

On our team, we promote the idea that, "If it isn't in Wrike, IT DOESN'T EXIST!" 

"Wrike is down" can be heard multiple times a day in our office. (Thanks, Redfoo.) Redfoo.

Once you start documenting everything in Wrike, so many uses open up. Here are a few:

  • Never wonder, "how did we do this on that last project again?" Everyone always has SO much going on. It's unreasonable to think you're going to remember every small detail and process of a project. If everything is document on a project or task, it's easy to go back and reference notes and changes when the time comes. And let's be honest, Wrike is way easier to search than email!
  • Look back to see what you accomplished. This is especially important for us since we are required to report on our individual progress each month and rate ourselves in a number of categories specific to our job duties. Before Wrike, we were always trying to remember, "What did we do last month?" Now, it's easy to filter tasks based on status and completion date. One of our best practices is to add all tasks to Wrike, even if it was small and you've already completed it. That way, there's no question about what you got done during reporting time!
  • Explain why things are taking so long. Some single tasks can stretch out over a VERY long period of time, especially when you are working with multiple parties outside of your team. It's our best practice to add comments when we are continually having to reach out to an external party (for us, this includes other departments, since we're the only one using Wrike at this time.) A simple comment like, "Followed up with a call today at 4:30 and no answer," and, "Emailed today and got an auto-response... Out on vacation," go a long way in explaining why a task is lingering and what/who is causing delays.
  • Stop flipping back and forth between Wrike and email. We try very hard to use the "forward to task" feature as much as possible. It's much easier to see email history within the context of a task or project, and like I said before, the Wrike search functionality is light years beyond Outlook's.

The more information you feed Wrike, the better your results long-term!

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Awesome post, Anna - If it's not in Wrike it doesn't exist is my favorite! Very helpful having a catchy saying around the office when rolling out a new tool!

Stephanie put together some of our fave Wrike saying 😃Check it out

👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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