Printing and sorting comments

There needs to be a better way to sort and print comments/annotations from Wrike

I have multiple mark ups in Wrike on an uploaded pdf (see attached screen grab:CommentsINWrike.png)

I need to download and PRINT ALL comments so I can go back to the project mangers collectivity

I can not find any way of printing out comments in Wrike. If I try to print the pdf in the browser it will only print the viewable items in the window aka NOT helpful

Plus the Wrike comments do not integrate INTO Adobe Acrobat’s commenting section

… as you’ll note from the 2nd screen capture (PdfDownloadedFromWrike.png), there are NO comments when the Wrike annotated pdf is downloaded

I am not able to sort comments by page in order to systematically go through a document page by page and changes. Yes you can click on the dots in the document view, but it’s easy to miss a dot.

It is especially difficult when a reviewer do not comment in page order: AKA Make a comment on page 1, then comment on page 25, then go back to page 2.

In my opinion, massive product fail. 



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Yes - please allow ability to print all comments or possibly a mass selection option like in list view to choose which comments you want to print.  


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I am a new user to Wrike but an experienced user of many other software programs including the Adobe CCS and Proof HQ. As a creative, it would be extremely helpful to have the ability to sort/filter document comments in a variety of ways to view and implement revisions efficiently. If you could provide the ability to filter comments by page, user, and time stamp changes can be incorporated more quickly. Also this would allow the ability to track or search for a specific comment easy. Adding these details are essential and time saving when managing 30 page documents and over 100 comments!


👍 Spot On 💡 Innovative Approach 💪 Stellar Advice ✅ Solved 🪄 Remove Kudos

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