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On our team we have very clear "managers" and "assignees" on every task. Wrike only has one role type to handle the users on a single task and that is "assignees". My suggestion here would be for there to be an additional role type created so that a user could be tagged to a task as a "manager". What this would allow is for greater visibility on who is managing the task (as we have multiple managers) and who is executing the work on the task. More importantly, this allows for the workflows to be created to alert the "manager" of a task upon a given status change instead of alerting a specific individual (as you can do now). 

To circumvent this, we've created multiple workflows with identical status options, but have different individuals assigned to select statuses depending on who is managing the task or project. It would be great if we didn't have to do this and the workflows were built dynamically to alert the "manager", whomever that may be.


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Great idea! Our views are suffering because my managers appear as more people assigned to my task when they are just there to manage it - not do it. 

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This feature would be a great addition to Wrike. It would help keep things even more organized. This may even open up more possibilities when filtering and setting up dashboards to allow the managers to clearly sort tasks by the manager not the assignee.  

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This feature would be super helpful! I would like a manager to be able to see everything that their team is assigned to, even if the manager themselves are not actually performing the task. It clouds things up when I have to add the manager to each task, then the rest of the team doesn't really know who is supposed to do the work.

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I'm a manager, and currently just have my dashboard set up for all of my team, by assignee. This gives me a view of what they are doing very quickly, I also have beside this, unnassigned work, so can easily see who is busy/has capacity to take on more. Not sure if this is the same thing you're talking about - but very useful, and quick view.

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@Heather Keith - Thanks for the suggestion, but the dashboards are not a problem at all. It's the workflows that we have to create a workaround for here, which would be my primary reason for initializing a Manager Field for the tasks.

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Stephanie Westbrook

@Thread Hi all! Would something like what Megan is asking for work for you? If it would, could give that thread a ➕that would be fantastic!


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