๐Ÿ“› Releases-Gantt Chart, Access Roles, and some name changes (06/29/18)

Feature Updates

Did Someone Say Timeline?

Not anymore. It's called Gantt Chart from here on out.ย 

Updated List View

There's a new List View in the Workspace. You'll notice it looks a little different and there's a new way to
perform mass actions.ย 

Dashboard Widget Enhancementsย 

  • Now when you create a Project widget, that widget can also include Projects from Subfolders. Popular request? You bet. Excited it's ready? Definitely.
  • Create file widgets which filter by file properties (i.e. file type, uploaded by, upload date).ย 

Access Roles

  • Part 1: Folder and Project Permissionsย are now called Access Roles.
  • Part 2: Admins on Enterprise accounts canย customizeย some of the rights available on defaultย rolesย (Full, Editor,ย and Limited). There are only a couple customization options now, but there's more coming. This is a Labs feature.ย 

More Tracking on Audit Log Reportsย 

Useย Audit Log Reportsย to track when comments are deleted or edited.ย 


Access Roles + Inherited Sharing

Before: Even if you turned inherited sharing off on a Folder/Project, Access Roles were still inherited from the top down. Now, if you turn off inherited sharing, then Access Roles no longer have to be inherited from parent Folders/Projects either.ย 
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