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It is great that we can create tasks convert emails from outlook into tasks and from there directly assign them and comment on it even add to a folder an add subtasks... the only thing missing is logging time. Our team realy utilizes this feature but it is not available on the outlook app. It would be great if you could add Time Log to the app so the user can  instatly log his time spent on the task as he is adding it from outlook to wrike. Many team members preffer outlook so its hard to convice them to log into wrike. If they could do this directly from outlook using the app then we would be able to get more users active with your tools. 😉

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I second this request.

I'm constantly bugging my users to log their time, and add details to tasks.  The outlook integration helps with getting emails into task comments, but then the user has to switch to the browser to add time to the same task - they could have just as easily copied the email, go into the browser paste the email text into the comment then update the time.


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