Request Forms - User access to their own submissions

Many of my staff ask me, "how do I get to the request form I submitted?"  That I know of, there is no place a user can view them all (no history of submissions).    

I can't send them into a folder and make it viewable to all because some request forms are confidential.  However, I would think the individual users should be able to view the request forms they've submitted themselves.  My thought was to have a "limited sharing" setting for folders that could be selected by Admin so that users can only see what items they submitted.  Ideally, this could be even narrowed down by user.  So when you click share and select users to share with, you can then select "limited sharing-author only" or whatever. 

Then ideally users would also have a place somewhere in their account to VIEW ALL submitted request forms whereby the user can view and sort via date submitted or by request form type, etc.

I wonder if this has not been done because there is a concern that people will go back and edit their submissions?  If this is the concern, couldn't it be programmed to not allow edits by anyone other than admins?  This could be another permissions setting maybe for users. 

As someone else already posted, these forms really need to be able to be organized/grouped as well.

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+1 A user can see all items created by them, under "My Work" -> "Created by me" or create a custom report for it, but I don't know if you can filter that it originated from a request. If you could create reports based on current user like dashboards can, I would think you could create a folder to store all requests in and get a report to show only the current users requests solving the permissions issue. Maybe you could do something similar with a dashboard?

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Agreed. Submitters of request forms need to be able to track their submissions as the author. Please add Author as a filter to the Projects dashboard. This will be great! Thanks -

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Hi Troy

Did you now if this was updated and we can now create reports or dashboard based on who submits a request form?




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