UI improvement for projects/folders on Androïd Mobile App

Hi guys,

While i really like all recent improvements that have been done on the androïd mobile app, there is one painpoint due to the UI i would like to suggest you to improve here.

Indeed, as we manage a big quantity of folders and projects, we have to give them some name that are a bit long, for descriptive purpose.


The UI of the Android mobile app, on "vertical" mode is quite OK : it cuts the name,  but i can understand the purpose to try to display a bigger quantity of them.

However, you can see in my example that the 3 first examples are cut, and when scrolling into the folders, we can be lost, and would need full name display.

this is not corrected in "landscape", we just see more projects/folders, but with the same look and feel

It would be nice to bring a bit of responsiveness, so when placing the mobile in "landscape" mode, to not display more folders/projects, but to display them bigger


This would make our life on the Androïd mobile app so much better !


thanks in advance for any feedbacks or complementary ideas!



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