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We are planning on setting up a member of our team as project manager for most if not all of our projects, and I was curious as to the most efficient way to do that. Is it simply to assign all the projects to her? I've searched the forum and couldn't find that, and the GoToWebinar won't launch for me, unfortunately.



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Having been through a permission based conversion headache, read and understand this first:

I would:

  1. Setup a folder for the projects.  This doesn't require undoing your folder structure since you can assign multiple folders to any other folder/project/task. 
  2. If you expect to hire other project managers or if the individual will be a part of any other group which you can assign, assign the group to the folder.  Groups are great for assigning permissions and a shortcut for @commenting to the entire group.
  3. If not, assign the individual to this new folder.
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Hi Matt, 

I project manage most of the jobs for our creative team and from experience being assigned to ALL tasks that I need to be aware of got to be a little to overwhelming for me. We're talking anywhere from 20-100 tasks at once.

Here's where we've landed so far:

I only assign myself tasks where I have direct action to take in the workflow (this ends up being a lot, due to the nature of PM). I started by adding myself to all things, and it became really hairy, really quickly. 

I also get assigned to the projects as the project owner (at the project level) for projects I am responsible for or need to keep an eye on (not all the tasks within the project, per say). I then pull projects into dashboards. One dashboard is for overdue or almost due items, one is for projects that I've tagged as Priority, another is by status. From the dashboard, I can see all the open tasks. It helps me know where everything is and what actions the teams  needs to take.

If I ever need to look at a list of projects, then I create a report; dashboards are my day-to-day though.

You can configure dashboards in a way that makes sense to your unique situation; for example, you could tag a project/task into a "Project Manager Oversight" folder or by Channel or Brand and then pull that through to a dashboard.  

So far this works, but I'm curious as to what you're thinking!

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We are new to Wrike, so I'm not sure what to think yet. But this gives us some great thank you! 

I'll keep you posted if we wind up taking a different tack.


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