Detached Task.... How do I find it in an enterprise account

I detached a task... stupid mistake and I know better. 

But now I can't find it. It was down in the folder structure and had a generic name and wasn't assigned to anyone. If I click the parent folders, the task list is SO long I can't locate it. 

AND it doesn't show up in the stream as something I can undo. 



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Kelli, you are right there is no trace of detachment in the stream.

The best way is to narrow your search in the parent folder.

1. Check if you switched off "show subfolders"

2. If you know it is unassigned use "unassigned" filter

If your team works with task and folders properly you list of possible generic tasks should become short enough to find the lost one.


If you can't find it there are few possible cases

  1. it is tagged in some folder
  2. it is a sub-task of another task
  3. it has an assignee.

In those cases your search would be long and dull.

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@Andriy Thank you! Unfortunately the top level parent folder houses thousands of tasks that are unassigned... Its impossible to look it up even with Unassigned, a time frame, and owner set... I keep crashing trying to even dial in. 

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I think the root cause in this case is not the search of some detached generic unassigned task but thousands of unassigned tasks in the root (top level parent folder).

We had such mess with generic unassigned task a while ago. It was caused by our "task - checklist approach". We created predefined templates with such task-based checklists. Every new project generation created another checklist just to be clicked through mechanically. 

Unfortunately it appeared that such tasks are ignored. Those useless tasks where hoarding for months moving around with every structural or hierarchical change some times even falling out to the root due to some mistakes or due to access management errors.

The only valid solution was to:

  1. eliminate the source of those tasks. 
  2. erase all the waste. (we had to be careful cause some task could be shared without their containing folders as a reason of some specific mistakes in access management)
  3. set aside automated creation of any unassigned tasks without assigning rules cause no task cant be fulfilled without assignee

Please stop wasting you time on fruitless searches and try to find out why do you have those tasks in the root. Stable account should be neat & tidy.

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How does one find out how many detached tasks we have?  We were unaware we had this circumstance until an assignee inquired on the tasks and we saw they were not attached to any project or space.

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Hi Carol Beasley, thank you for your question!
Detached tasks are subtasks that become stand-alone tasks when you detach them from the parent task.
They are placed in your root-folder unless they have been added into the folder/project before.
You can find them in your root folder or by filtering the parent folder with "Unassigned" as Andriy has suggested above.
Let me know if that helps for now 👍

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