Tabs bar feature


I'm a big fan of the tab bar feature is very useful. Thank you for added it :)


However, I would suggest 2 adjustment for it:

1) Have the possibility to move the bar as we do on any browser. It could let us organize them as we need to.

2) Have the possibility to save the tab opened. I explain, each time a launch wrike in the morning, I have to open all the tab and arrange them. If we could have the tab opened and organized as we left them when we closed the application, it would me more comfortable. In fact again, same feature as on any browser.

Let me know what you think of this 😀

Bye, bye !

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I love these two suggestions!!  And i agree we need both. 

Also, we need the ability to pop out a tab, as in a browser, so we can see two tasks at once. Before this update, i could do that. now i have to open the desktop app AND the browser to view two at a time. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi, I strongly agree. In Chrome, having two wrike screens is really helpfull


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