Locking Sorting

Our team is getting more and more frustrated using Wrike. When we create a project with multiple tasks, the task order shouldn't change if we change views, it should remain how they are created unless sorted (and even so they should be able to revert back to how they were created). 

Here is the dream:

1. Create tasks and subtasks in list view. Ideally you would update this so that when I create tasks in order that they need to be completed it creates task as 1, 2, 3 and not 3, 2,1. For example, if I'm thinking through a list of subtasks, I create them as I walk through the tasks in my mind. But when you add tasks back to back in Wrike, it puts the most recent task you create on the top of the list instead of under the first task you created. So basically you have to re-order them or think backwards.

2. Switch to Timeline view and have the exact same order. This is crucial, stop changing the order of my tasks. Then I can meet with my team and assign people/dates go through step by step what needs to be done without having to re-sort again and again.

3. Update the arranging of tasks so that it's easier to drag and drop on the left side of the timeline view. Right now you have to annoyingly click the task then click it again and try to drag it to where you want it, and usually it doesn't go where you want it. You also can't drag a subtask to the top of the subtask list, it just kicks it out of the task.

Please tell me we are the only team extremely frustrated with these limiting/frustrating sorting features that make something that should be a simple task to create a nightmare and take 10x as long.

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Welcome to the Community Graciela Hernandez 👋

I\ve asked my colleagues to reach out to you about this to troubleshoot, and I can see this is now resolved 🙂

Please do let me know if you need help with anything else! 

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