Nesting @groups dynamically

I'd like to create a group, and then be able to nest that group under multiple groups.  (Current functionality only allows a group to nest in one place.)  I should then be able to update the users in the group, and have it update wherever I nested that group.  For example: 

Management wants to be involved in certain projects.  I have project groups, @Project A,  @Project B, etc. which contain many users.  Management wants to be apprised of all updates in project A.  Currently I @ mention @Project A, @Management.  

I would rather have @Management nest under @Project A and any other project groups that require attention.  Then when a user intuitively mentions their group, management is automatically copied.  Then, if some new member of management comes or goes, I only have to update the Management group once and all nested instances update.  When we are ready to remove management visibility, I simply remove Management nesting under Project A, but the other nested instances carry on.

This sounds simple (why don't you just @ mention the managers?) but our use case is much more complex than this example :)

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The Wrike api almost supports this. Each group already have a list of parents and child ids which is all that would be needed to keep track of the grouping hierarchy. The only thing missing is that it is only possible to set a single parent in the api, instead of actually setting the parentsIds list of the group.

Multiple parenting of groups would seem to break the drag and drop in the user/group menu, but removing that possibility and instead moving the parenting functionality to the same place where one + clicks to add members to groups would keep all functionality.

Seems like a doable change that shouldn't interfere with any other functionality.

Not being able to have groups in multiple parent groups really makes them less useful when trying to build an access/sharing structure through groups.

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Hi ICT & S.Dev (Fredrik S) ., thank you very much for your detailed reply, I've passed your comment on to our Product Team 👍

In case you have any specific questions about API, please let me know and I'll share them with our experts as well.

Thank you!

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