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What I'd like to see is the User filter, when I filter it to 'Me', to stick no matter whether I switch views, projects, refresh the page, etc. Basically, if I filter to 'Me' I want everything to stay filtered to me unless I change it, come hell or high water.

I waste so much time filtering to me over and over again in the timelog.

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Oh, Jesse! You has discovered an error!    I checked the problem and saw that when you filter "ME", in the LIST, BOARD, TABLE, and WORKLOAD, the filters keeps but when you change to TIMELINE or TIMELOG doesn't .  I don't remember if this happened before the updates, maybe the issue is cause by the updates...

Also, I try filter "ME" and changed betwen projects or folders, the filters doesn't change but only if you keep on that view.  :/

This is for suppor team!  

Andrea Rosales "Gracias por existir Ctrl+Z"

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Andrea & Jesse, thanks for raising this. I've raised a ticket with Support to troubleshoot and report to the Product Team if this is an issue.

I'll report back here once I have more information. Thanks for posting! 🙌


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