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Would it be possible to add a date range "last x days"? Limiting searches to this month or last month means that we are not able to see a list of recently completed tasks.

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Hi Stephen, thanks for your post.

I think if I understand correctly what you're looking to do is already available.

After you search, you are given a list of tasks, from all time. Using the filter icon, you can then specify the date range. See below and let me know if this helps 😊

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I don't think this was what is required. If you had an option to put Last [ ] Days and had that filter available in reports and dashboard widgets the options are endless!!

It is often hard to work out what date 30 days ago is, but we do a lot of work and projects where we would want a rolling 30 days, for example - not last month or this month. By restricting to this the data is less useful. 

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Adding to this topic, this is one of the single biggest negatives of Wrike for creating custom dashboards and reports.  

Use case: Completed Tasks within the last 30 days, Cancelled Tasks within the last 60 days, etc.

Limitations: This Month, Last Month or fixed time range.  On the first of the month, using last month would work but by the 15th of the month, I'm now getting days 45-15 and what I need are days 30-1.

Please update as soon as you can.


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