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We'd really like to display complex data and progress tracking on our website. The RSS feeds currently have almost no information which can be used, although the Excel exports are excellent.

Unfortunately, we can't automate Excel export downloads (or, can we?). Because of this the RSS feeds could be the solution for automation. 

We need to display data including the task category path as well as the hours remaining (if any).

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Hi John! There's no current integration that you can use straight away. However, you can review our API capabilities to build a custom solution. Do you, or someone in your company, have an understanding of how to build API integrations?

You can visit our Developer Portal where you can learn more about building an API that can work for you. I'll also move this post to the API section of the Community so that any other members who may be able to help can get in touch with you here. Any questions, feel free to come to be me here 👍

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I am using the API to query timelogs, tasks, projects and folders.  Unfortunately, some of task-specific data that is not available through the Task API that can be found in the "Export...Excel" command.  Could the Task API be enhanced?

Headings for "Export..Excel" command

Key Folder Parent task Default task workflow Default project workflow Title Workflow Status Custom status Priority Assigned To Start Date Duration Duration (Hours) Effort Time Spent (Hours) Billing Type End Date Depends On Start Date Constraint


Headings for Task API

id accountId title status importance createdDate updatedDate completedDate dates scope customStatusId permalink priority
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Hi Byron Black, thank you for your comment. You can use an additional parameter fields ​in GET/tasks call to collect more details about your task, such as parent folder Ids, list of responsible user IDs, description, and many more. Please check our Developers portal for more details:

​To get the list of custom statuses and workflows in your account, please use the GET/workflows call and compare the results with the Custom Status Id you receive via a call to tasks endpoint. Having dependency ID, it's possible to collect info about predecessors and successors via GET/dependencies call. As for timelog records, you can query them by GET//tasks/{taskId}/timelogs call. Therefore, API helps you collect many details about tasks, but sometimes you will need to perform several calls to achieve this.

However, there is indeed no call allowing to check start constraints via API. Thank you for pointing that out. It would be great if you could submit this feature request in the Product feedback section and explain why exporting constraints via API is crucial for your team. That's an interesting use case, and I don't recall seeing anything similar yet. Thank you in advance!

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