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For our project tasks we have a custom field called task team - The idea being that many of our tasks are not done in a bubble; rather there is a team assigned to completion. The way we handle this is to assign the task to one person (the task lead and one responsible for updating task status) and then a cusom field with data type of users.  Within this field we assign the team.

What I would like to do is create a dashboard widget that can be shared with the rest of my team that allows them to see the tasks for which they are a part of the team.  When I check the current user box (or any other box) it is unable to find any users. 


If I find the correct combination of users it does return results so it seems that it is unable to look through the list of users in that field and see if the current user is in that list.  Has anyone else set this up?


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@jeremiah It sounds like you are trying to create a widget for Custom Fields and Users. What the screen above is showing you is that there are no TASKs that meet your filtering requirements, not that there are no users. 

What you will want to do to create that widget is a couple of things. The first few steps you have already completed it seems. 

1) Create a Custom Widget

2) Choose what folder you want to pull the data from

3) Include subfolder tasks 

(all of these look correct as long as all of your projects and tasks you want to pull from are in the EAM Division folder)

4) Select the status you want to be able to view (Active, In Progress, Completed, etc) 

5) Select the users you want to be included (assignees) for the report

6) Click on Add More Filters

7) Click the box next to the template type you want to filter by. For Example "Department" is my custom filter name and I use a drop down menu of departments

8) If using a drop down custom field, click the box next to the one you want to track. In my example, click "Leasing" 

Now you will see any tasks that meet all of the criteria that you selected. If there are none, don't worry. They will appear on your dashboard as soon as there are tasks that meet the criteria you set. Hope that helps!

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