Dynamic selection of templates from a single request form

I do like the request forms but in practice they are rather limiting to all but very simple requests. I have the following use case that is not supported:

The requestor uses a single form and completes some questions, the outcome being a new project from a template. However, the outcome of answering these questions will determine the project template (one of several) that is applied (the user does not know which to use). However, the request form can only be linked to one possible template at the moment.


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Hi Jamie - It takes some build but you can have different templates blow in based upon the answer of a question on the request form.  For example, internal clients here can choose from a dropdown of different options (e.g. web support, phone recording, research study) and based upon the answer a different project template is pushed into the project plan.  I believe the trick here is to use the dropdown question type.  Let me know if this works for you.  Good luck!


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