masOS Touch Bar support/integration

For us, Wrike is without any doubt the best platform in the various project management tools we use.

We love its complete functions and almost perfect functionality.

To be clear : I always use the Wrike desktop App and this is where this post refers to.

I suggest a very practical hardware function is missing and that is the support for the MacBookPro Touchbar, As exists for a lot of integrated apps into macOS but also for major apps as 1Password and others. I use my Touchbar hundreds of times a day and as Wrike is 50% of most days it speaks for itself that we would love to see their support for the Touchbar. Its main function is to reduce (a lot) those mouse movements/travel you have on trackpad and even desktop. It would make me gain easily an hour a day (times 300 days working a year ... make up your count ...)

Some exemples a Wrike functions that could be integrated in the bar :

* in the main menu (root folder)

> Inbox/My Work/Dashboards/reports/Stream

Now we have to travel with the mouse-pointer all te way up to the screen.


* when selecting a task :

> adding task to extra folders/projects

> setting dates (take example of OS Calendar)

> starting timers

> adding subtasks

> filling custom fields

> adding attachments

> setting workflow status

> adding/removing/setting assignees

> commenting and @mentionning


In fact everything included in the main menubar of a task.

Again, a lot of mouse-pointer travel ...

And apart for that showing all functions of text when filling descriptions (bold, italic, underline, bullets, ...) - take example of OS Pages


Hope some of you Touchbar  colleagues out there understand my suggestions and agree with this the proposals in functionality and time-saving.


Im aware that for Wrike this might implement some serious programming but honestly from a major player in the project management platforms I expect this being possible.


Tip for them developers : if only the functions might make it to the Menubar of the desktop app that already would be a giant leap ahead as out of there we can program the Touchbar for ourselves via the BetterTouchTool application - a third-party app that makes this possible.

Curious for your opinions and hope we can make this happening !!

Best day to all. 


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I agree with Dries here. I use Wrike on iPad Pro as well.

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