Deadline date separate of the end date

When planning a piece of work I have two data pieces I would like to manage independently:

- when I want to do the work (a start and end date) and
- when the customer needs the result at the latest (the deadline)

The deadline isn't the end date.

I'm struggling to have that reflected in Wrike properly.

I know I can have milestones in a project, but those force the begin and end times of the project to be around the milestone. Also it would be desirable for the deadline to be displayed in the same line in the timeline chart:

Really it would be great if the information "when will I work on this" and "when does it need to be done" is separate but in the same line and visible even if collapsed.

Or is there already a better way to do this?

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Jens Theisen VisBricks

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Hi Jens,

We have the same desire of seeing both when something is being worked on and when the entire project is actually do. Here's something that seems to work for us.

First we have a project, where the start and finish date are set to encompass the entire duration of the event. See "Test" below.

Then we use a task to capture a key item that needs to be worked on and make sure that the due date on that task is the final, final due date for when that action needs to be done. See "Test One" below. 

Then we answer the "when will I work on this" question by using subtasks to break up the work. In the example below, I made two subtasks that display the duration in which I would need to work on that specific action. 

The subtasks are nested, so I can choose to show them in the timeline view, or choose not to show them by clicking on the down carrot symbol.

Hope this helps, and I'm eager to see what else may work for people!


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Hi Perrie,

thank you for the suggestion.

I just tried it and I find it works even better when the parent task (Task One) is made a milestone (the parent task is then a lighter color in the time view which to me makes a crucial difference).

Maybe this is something I can live with, but I have to play with it a bit more.

To the Wrike team: I also tried to add a new date as a custom field, but those aren't displayed in the timeline view. Having them displayed there may be a nice feature.

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Jens Theisen VisBricks

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Also: How do I get rid of the "Shift subtasks and apply the rules of date alignment to the affected tasks?" dialog that comes up all the time with this approach?

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Jens Theisen VisBricks

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Stephanie Westbrook

@Jens A due date Custom Field that shows up on the Timeline would be a really interesting workaround. Right now no Custom Fields show up on that view, but Vanessa made a request for that type of functionality. There's no way to permanently get rid of that dialog box, but it is feedback that our team has heard, thank you for sharing. 

@Perrie Awesome example! 

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An end-date constraint would be very helpful.  The team could adjust internal due dates up to the point that the end deadline could be missed.  It's like a milestone, but an internal regulator.  Milestone in Wrike are great for project-level markers, but not task level execution.

Custom field are clunky and integrate in limited fashion in reporting.  

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Agree with everything on this thread. Really struggling with trying to track both the task duration and the due date. We are a group of CAD designers, and alot of our work runs over or is on going/cannot be completed within a specified time frame. Having the deadline date would allow my team to change the dates they are working on a task within the deadline constraint. 


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