See users timelines by clicking their name



I'd love a way that would show if I hovered or clicked over a user that it would bring up a mini version of their timeline so I can quickly see if that user has available time in the view I'm currently using.


For example, when I'm assigning tasks to users it would be great to be able to review the tasks description and assign the user without needing to have a separate tab open to see their availability in the workload view. If I could assign them and then just click over hover their name then it could instantly show up a smaller version of their timeline. 



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Stephanie Westbrook

Heya Holly! Awesome idea :) Think what's most important for you is knowing how much other work is assigned to the person? Is seeing the task names crucial or just a count of the number of tasks assigned for a particular time frame. 

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Hey Stephanie,

You're right - It's mostly just a view of how much of a persons time is allocated and in some instances we'd need to see what to in case any jobs are put on hold for example, we'd be able to make see and assess their workflow quickly.

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Somewhat unrelated but when I click on a users name I would like to

  • see their activity stream
  • message them directly


This view below doesn't really offer any value to me:


Folllowing List for Post: See users timelines by clicking their name
[this list is visible for admins and agents only]

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