New Timeline Slowness

When I monitor projects, I typically go to the parent folder and view all of my projects at once in timeline view. This is much faster and it's easier to keep track of where I am than going in and checking every single project individually. This system worked very well in the old timeline view. However, in new timeline, the page is incredibly slow in responding. It takes a long time for it to load. Then I open filters and deselect the active checkbox so I can see everything, and it takes a long time to load again. Then any time I attempt to collapse a folder or open a task, it takes a long time again. And frequently in this process, the page just crashes completely and I have to start over. It's clear that new timeline just can't handle having that much open on the page, even though old timeline never seemed to struggle with it.

I switched over to new timeline as soon as it was released to try to force myself to use it instead of old timeline, despite its deficiencies . I was really, really determined to make it work because of how glitchy old timeline was with tasks randomly disappearing, and because I knew old timeline wouldn't be receiving any fixes or new development. However, for my purposes it looks like new timeline is unusable. Sadly, I have reactivated old timeline and will use that until new timeline has better performance. 

Is there any chance that the glitch in old timeline that causes tasks to randomly disappear will be fixed?

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Hi Nicola, this really doesn't sound right. Let me raise a ticket to Support to try and help look into this and escalate your feedback 👍

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