BUG - Mobile app not syncing tasks in list view

In the mobile app, I constantly see tasks marked as new on the default list view, which are:

(a) Marked as New, which I know I have completed, and show as completed on the desktop app

(i) Some of which show up as Completed when I tap them, others which do not

(b) Marked as new, still showing, even if I have deleted them or merged them with other tasks (via sub tasks), again while appearing properly in the desktop app

This renders the mobile app as "input only" for me, as there is far too much irrelevant clutter I have already dealt with, that I have to ignore/wade through, or try and re-process, which I am too scared to do because if sync is already broken, who knows what will happen when I take actions on non-existent tasks. This is quite disappointing.

I am on the latest version of everything, always have internet on the iPhone (wifi or mobile), and pulling down to refresh/restarting the iphone/closing the app via the "app manager" don't do anything about this.

Please write some tests for this.

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Hi Chris, thanks for this. I've raised a ticket with the Support Team to take a closer look.

Ps. I'm going to make a slight edit to the title as the [ ] parenthesis is used by moderators as a different naming convention and may cause a little confusion 🙂

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