How can I set a task to a specific status with Wrike e-mail integration


I have created several custom statuses for my projects and I am trying to use the Wrike e-mail integration to update them.

During my tests I sent several e-mails to and to wrike+[task-id].com setting the status on the e-mail's subject, for example, one of my e-mails had the following subject: "Re: Teste [iniciado]", which meant to change this task status to the "Iniciado" state, however only the e-mail's body was added to the task comments, but the task status didn't change.

So, I did further tests sending an e-mail with the following subjects: "Re: Teste [active]" and "Re: Teste [completed]", and in those cases the e-mail integration worked and the task status was changed to my first active and my first finished state.

So my question is: is it possible to to use the e-mail integration to set a task on a specific custom state, or can I just set it to the generic active, finished, on hold or cancelled state groups?



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Hi Felipe, great question! The status update is limited to Active, Completed, Deferred or Cancelled. Custom or detailed statuses can't be changed but I like the idea of including it and no other members have yet suggested it.

If you'd like to see it in Wrike in the future, please add it to the Product Feedback so our Product Team can see the idea and other members can vote and provide their input 🙌

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your answer. I will add my comments to the product forum.




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