Android Interface shows all subtasks out of task folders

"I'm afraid that there's no way to import the data differently: all tasks would inherit full folder tags. You'd need to edit the tasks manually - as there's no automated way to manage the tags." - message from customer service

So I am having an issue where android will show all sub-tasks in the project list which have full folder tags. The full folder tags are applied to each sub-task when importing from excel - as there is no way to assign sub-tasks to a folder in excel, without giving each a full folder tag. This wouldn't be a problem, as in the apple/ windows interface understands that they are sub-tasks and hides them in the Project list - however the Android interface doesn't understand this and populates the Project list with all the sub-tasks and all the tasks.

My suggestion is either to change the Android logic so that sub-tasks are hidden in the Task list (As this only changed in last weeks update to Wrike, they were hidden before) OR make there an import option in excel where you can assign a ghost parent folder tag rather than a full folder tag.

My business uses the excel import function very heavily, and all of our and our clients android interfaces are almost unusable unless I manually remove all the folder tasks from all the sub-tasks - which is more work than I have time for.

Some help / feedback / changes would be very much appreciated!





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