Icons indicating whether task has Description/Comments


I would like if the tasks could show little icons to indicate the activity and content of a task, namely whether it has a description, comments, or attachments. The icons would be of a similar nature to the sub-task icon, and in the case of comments would likewise have a number, plus ideally some indicator of unread status. Ideally they would be shown on at least the list and board views, if not gantt as well.

Having these icons at a glance - as many other project management softwares do - improve efficiency by providing context for what next steps are in reviewing that task. For example, did I put everything in the title or did I write a description for a task? Can't remember, have to check; again and again and again. Was there any discussion on this? I forgot. Have to check. Again and again and again.


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Yes please I totally agree!! I don't want to have to export to Excel every time I need to see all of the notes on tasks, or whether there is even a note on a task.

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Was about to post my own recommendation, but came across this. I can't emphasize enough how useful of a simple feature like this would be. The icon is there for file attachments, and the actual icon exists for commentary on files (speech bubble with a number), so adding this as an icon to the actual task list would be a huge (and seemingly straightforward) addition to the UI.

A simple tool like Basecamp has this feature — a simple addition to the line item within the task list that says "[#] comments":


Attaching a screenshot of what I'm referencing, just for clarity.

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