Posted tables wreck the editor

I tried pasting the 2 tables from here into the description (with a line of text between them), and it went berzerk. I can't click the set the cursor, only use arrow keys, then when I type it goes somewhere I didn't point the cursor to, and when I press delete to remove that text it picks some other place to delete characters from - typing again puts them in the same arbitrary first place and deleting continues to delete from the same arbitrary second place.

If I move the cursors around with the arrow keys, the locations get switched up again.

ctrl/cmd+z also doesn't work to undo those deletions, so once you post the table, bye bye data.

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This doesn't sound right at all Chris. Is the issue persisting today? If so please try to refresh the page. If it persists still, let me know and I'll raise a ticket with the Support Team to investigate 👍

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