Allow setting of all filter variables in dashboard widgets

One of the features that sets Wrike out, is the ability to create multiple dashboards. 


When you combine this with GTD methodology, you have a huge flexibility of what you can see at-a-glance. Unfortunately, the way to accomplish this at the moment is to go into the highest level relevant folder, and do a search with folder:X and/or notin:Y (X/Y being GTD-style tags), then save it to the Dashboard.

This is frankly the reason I chose Wrike over other comparable SaaS products. It's a very useful feature, but like many other things I'm finding in Wrike, quite a round-about way of hacking together existing functionality to get a desired end result.

When reviewing my dashboard, I noticed the widgets have those little info icons that tell you the active filters, which suggests it's being stored in the same way as the other filters that you can edit via the UI.

So, why not allow those folder: notin: and other equivalent search queries - which can be saved to the dash - to be edited from the dash?

I have a particular set of them which I use, and at the moment, making new dashboards or editing for contingencies requires a new manual search for every widget - dashboard duplication is useless because the majority of my widgets are custom anyway.

Relatedly, we should be able to Rename widgets created from the search as well.

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