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As a project manager, the need to reverse an action is vital. Especially if we expand a summary task to see the down flow effect upon a project. If I have a summary task end date scheduled, but don't take notice, and move it forward to project impact, I don't want to not know the previous date.

I've also noticed an "undo" popup at the bottom of the browser. This doesn't appear all the time and once it "times out" you can initiate it again. The popup should have an manual closeout because I need to think about what just occurred. The time out is way too fast.

Finally, a snapshot or previous versions revert option is needed, especially if new to the tool. I handed over a project to someone else, that was learning the tool and accidentally changed things and did not know how to start over!


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Undo is a minimum table stake for all modern software!

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Hi Jim and Wayne, this is something our Product Team are reviewing on Larry's post about save/undo button and members are discussing the option there. If you can please vote for the original post and feel free to comment with your use case there - this way everything is in one place for our team to review.

Our team is discussing the enhancement the Baseline functionality which should help to plan and test the projects but I have no concrete detail I can share right now.

Thanks for posting! 👍

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