Syncing tasks in Evernote (EN) with Wrike

I've seen the Zap where every time you create a new EN note, it will create a task in Wrike. I want more finite control because not every EN note will need to become a task.

What I want to be able to do is to create tasks within an EN note (using checklist feature) and having them go over to Wrike. A link to the EN note is retained in the task app's task. Within Wrike, I can create more detailed tasks, subtasks for this project and assign them.

Why do I want to do this? Because I find that Evernote is good at keeping, if you will, all the references related to a project together. Whether it's an email, webpage, or document, it has the ability to keep them in a manner where it is easy to find. Notes can be merged or you can build a table of contents for all the related "notes".

Taskclone takes the tasks in EN and moves them. automatically, into the task app. However the task apps that I have tried just hasn't worked well for me. Some apps separate out the subtasks and it is impossible to keep track of where you are in a project or what project that the tasks are related to.

I'd like to still be able to use Evernote and have it "export" tasks into Wrike.

Has anyone been able to do this? With Taskclone, Zapier, or something else...


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Hi Colleen, that is a good question! Zapier does allow us to copy the text from a note and put it into the description of a Wrike task. It won't carry over the checklists, but bullet and numbered lists can be copied easily.
However it is a one-time action - further updates to the original note won't be synced if this is what you were looking for. This is a technical limitation for Zapier and similar services, so the only way around it is to create a custom API integration.

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