Folders and Tags Moving around

It's way too easy to accidentally click and drag a project into a different folder (or even click and drag an entire folder). Can you make it so that those tags/folder locations can be locked so that they don't accidentally get moved and potentially lose sharing on those? As a suggestion, maybe this could be done at the "Permissions" level so that we can give specific users permission to move folders or delete tags that others are shared to see (obviously this wouldn't apply for their private folders).


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Permissions after moving folders or projects back and forth

If you move a folder (or project) into another one it'll get all permissions of the main folder (or project). That's fine! But: If you've done this accidentally and move this back, Wrike unfortunately keeps the newly inherited permissions and you have to delete them manually. Mainly because every user is in the position to move folders (or projects), the permissions must always be updated to the current location! Otherwise permissions will end in chaos

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