Custom field decimal symbol

Would it be possible to choose decimal symbol? i.e. currently it's set to "." as default but in some countries "," is used as a decimal symbol. It would be a nice addition and not too difficult to implement.

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Along the lines of punctuating custom fields, the currency field for US dollars does not enter commas. We like to track project cost in Wrike and this is typically in the millions for us. Its very difficult at a quick glance to understand that 50000000 is $50 million dollars versus $5 million. Would appreciate it appearing as "$50,000,000" in the custom field. Also, the digits are often cut off as shown in the screenshot below. 

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Our Product Team is interested in feedback about the Table view at the moment so thanks to both of you for your feedback 😊

I'll be sure to bring it to the attention of our Product Team. If I have any further updates I'll be sure to post back here.

Welcome to the Community, happy posting 🙌

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I agree with Aljaž Gorjup

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