Remaining Days indicator feature request

There is a very important indicator that is not displayed anywhere in the app, and that is the "Remaining Days" for each task.

Currently, we can see the deadline, but the team is not aware of how many days are left until that date. Generally, the deadline arrives without them noticing, causing delays. We only realize when the task is already overdue and turns red, and at this point it is too late.

It would be important that when setting task dates, we can see the remaining days and the percentage of time left to complete. This way, we could be more aware when managing tasks and prioritize those with less time remaining. Let me give you an example:

This task is scheduled to last 39 days, as indicated there. However, we are concerned that time may pass, and when the date arrives, the most important parts have not been completed. That's why I believe it is of utmost importance to be able to see this indicator. We should see "17 days left" so the user can be aware of the importance of the dates. And a percentage so they can se how much time they already spended. A graphic bar is required too so they don't have to think much, as it is very visual. This bar should turn yellow and then red as the deadline is closer.

I hope you can address this requirement for all Wrike users, as it is important for everyone, not just for higher-level plans. It is a key indicator for task management and is currently not in the application.

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Hi Luis Perez,
can you create a custom field with a formula to achieve your need.

I know that it would be better to have this data as a standard in Wrike, but you can in this moment do this 

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Hi Pietro Poli thanks for the response. This workaround is only available for Business plans or higher... it's not accesible for Team plan or Free. My request is to have an standard indicator for all users, as it is very important for task management... 

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Hi Luis Perez,

Totally understand the requirement is for visibility via a standard indicator, but development of these features can take time. In the interim, here are some workarounds my team uses to gain visibility on tasks with upcoming due dates:

Automation Rule

Not sure if this is available on a Team Plan but you could start an automation rule to mention/comment/email/team message etc. a user when the due date is approaching:



You can use dashboards to group items based on approaching due dates:

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