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At my organization we use Wrike for some things, but not for all things. This means on any given project we will have individuals whose abilities in Wrike range from brand-new to adept, daily users. I wanted to create something that made it easier for my team to engage in Wrike. Enter the Communication Plan. This essential custom item type is immediately relevant to my users, and is less intimidating than jumping into the project itself with all the folders, subtasks, etc. 

Our Communication Plan is a project custom item type that preloads with all that is needed to establish a good project communication plan. It includes the project team directory for both internal and external contact information, a meeting matrix that details the types of meetings we will hold, recommended cadence and responsibilities, and there is a brief glossary with definitions for roles to help clarify what we are each expected to do. 

Each Communication Plan comes equipped with it's own "sub-task" in the form of a task item type we call "Meetings & Notes." The Meetings & Notes are prefilled with a meeting purpose statement to help create your agenda and a reminder to take attendance. After a meeting all notes taken by various users can be nested into the meeting facilitator's notes. We often will schedule these out in advance, so questions that come up between meetings can be added to the agenda for discussion during the next, already-scheduled meeting. 

By using item types we have created an environment that is more useful for our team. We have fewer spin-up meetings to answer ad-hoc questions because everyone knows that their concerns won't be lost in the shuffle. We have better attendance because the meetings are more informative and meaningful. We have better engagement in meetings as people have shifted from, "waiting to talk," to, "ready to listen." And lastly, we all have cleaner inboxes as follow-up work is keeping closer to the project in Wrike. 

These are just a few of the changes we have already seen! Custom item types for the win!


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This is great, thanks a lot for sharing Therese Forsyth 🤗

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