We currently have project management setup in Wrike and want to start planning for Ideation. Ideation would be open to anyone within the organization, to submit an idea. The idea then needs to be vetted, routed etc to the correct person responsible. What is the best way to put something like this together, bearing in mind we have several thousand employees?

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Irene Snyman did you think about Request Forms? Together with Blueprints it is a very powerful tool.

From your short description I would:
1. make a list of questions you want to ask about the idea
2. think how you would use these answers (in a Wrike project or in a Wrike task)
3. make a request form with all these questions
4. make a blueprint where alle these informations are collected
5. generate Wrike task (or project) from the request form with the blueprint)

If you make a question in the form for which product (or whatever) the idea is you can assign the idea checking to different persons in respect to this question.

We use this kind of process for a lot of information we get from internal or external persons.

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