More Information in Calendars Task Names?


In our Wrike workspace we have an overall "Operations" calendar that shows all tasks across all projects in the space and lets our users select multiple different layers depending on what they want to see. However, we have run into an issue that we have a workaround for but it is quite inefficient. I am wondering if anyone has a better solution to this problem?


On our projects we may have certain tasks or steps that are named exactly the same. For example, "Have kick-off meeting with the customer" could be a task that is on on all our projects. If you are looking at a single project it is easy to tell what project that task is for and who it is assigned to. However, if you look at a calendar view for that task all you see is the task name "Have kick-off meeting with the customer". Within that calendar view, if you are pulling data from multiple projects, you will end up with multiple tasks that say "Have kick-off meeting with the customer". There is no easy way without clicking on the task itself and drilling into it to figure out what project it is for and who is assigned to it. We have quite a few parallel projects displayed on our operations calendar so this isn't really feasible to click on each task displayed to figure out more information. 

Workaround Solution:

So far what we have been forced to do is for every task on a project, we have to manually name it [Project Number] - [Assignee] - [Task Name]. This is a considerable amount of extra manual work.


Is there a way to do one of the following?

1. Allow data from multiple fields to be displayed on a task that is viewed in a calendar view? In other words, I could choose the task name, project number, and assignee fields to be displayed as the "name" of a calendar task without having to click on that specific task to get more information.

2. Is there a way to automatically change the name of a task to concatenate other custom fields into it (or prefix the name field with custom fields) when creating the task? In other words,  once the project number and asignee fields are filled out for a task, it will automatically add those to the front of the name field for that task. We don't currently use forms for creating our projects or tasks but instead use a "template" project that we copy as a starting point for each project.

One other note, we already have a separate "Task Type" field for each task that we use to determine colors for each layer on the calendar so it isn't really an option to try to use colors to relay the project number or assignee information.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated!


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I don't have a great solution, but here is what we do. 

All of our projects are created through requests form, and we use the add prefix function to tie the Project number to every task in the project. This us unfortunately static, so if the project number changes you have to manually update the tasks. 

We have a separate layer for each member of our team, so we can tun layers on and off to see each person's calendar/schedule

There is not a way, to my knowledge, to use formula's in field either through automation(wrike's built in) or directly in the field to concatenate data together


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Thanks for the reply Ped. I'll look into the form functionality a bit more to see if it is something that would work for us and then maybe put in a product feedback request to Wrike for more functionality.


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