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Scenario: We've run into an issue where we built a folder and a number of subfolders containing all projects for our back office staff. We then created a separate folder, e.g. Project Roadmap, and subdirectories, e.g. Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, which we used to locate a discrete number of projects we wanted to share with a wider audience via Gantt. That worked great! We had a master folder for all our org's projects, and a separate folder displaying a Gantt view of collaborative projects for other teams.

But then we decided to stop using a priority-driven Gantt, and instead created a new Gantt view using a different folder and subfolder locations, e.g. Pancake Projects, Waffle Projects, Egg Projects. We now want to remove the original priority-based locations from the projects.

We can remove each location project by project to achieve our goal, but that means manually editing hundreds of projects. In Table view, you can mass select items, and Add to or Move to a location, but you can't seem to do the reverse; I can't mass select and remove from a location.

Question: Is there a way to mass remove locations? Could I simply delete the original "priority-based" folder and subfolders? Would that remove the location without affecting projects as long as they're co-located in a different active project folder?

Thanks for any help you can provide. 🤠

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HI Jared Grams,

in list you can remove locations in bulk

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