FAQ: What's on the Workload View

Visualizing your team's availability is important when planning and scheduling multiple projects. You can plan and keep track of resources with the help of Wrike’s Workload View.

What’s on the Workload?

  • Tasks and subtasks with scheduled start/end dates from the selected Folder or Project. Tasks from Subfolders and Subprojects are shown as well.
  • A list of Regular and External Users 1 with whom the Folder or Project is shared. The Workload shows a user's availability and the tasks they are assigned to.
  • All scheduled unassigned tasks from the selected Folder or Project appear at the bottom of the view by default. 2

Did You Know?

  • Select “Show Backlog” 3 to see tasks without due dates. Plan unscheduled tasks by dragging and dropping tasks to an assignee and date range.
  • It’s easy to avoid scheduling conflicts: if a user has more than one task assigned to them at once, the time frame when these tasks overlap is highlighted in orange. 4
  • If you are working on a large Project with several tasks, choose the tasks you want to see by adjusting the filtering criteria. 5

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