Resource and Capacity Planning

We are a small web development company and we use microsoft project.

We manage about 10- 15 projects a year of about 3-6 months in duration.

We are looking to invite collaborators from outside our company, we are our clients and vendors who need to see the project and update the status of tasks, etc.

The collaborators are not users, they only get to see their tasks, and the overall plan, and they can update the tasks they are assigned to.

Key to us is Capacity Planning and Resource Scheduling - since we are a small team, we work on multiple projects - so we are looking for a Working Time/Non-Working Time function for users and collaborators.

The issue is our collaborators, our clients, don't have unlimited time to put the the project.  Once client only works with us on Monday and Wednesday, and one client only has 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday.  That said - when scheduling, I want the system to tell me when the tasks can be scheduled based on the user calendar, how do I accomplish this using your software?

Thank you, Michael

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the details about your use case, that helps a lot. Wrike does have a Workload View where you can see Regular and External Users and how many tasks they have assigned to them on a given day. That view will show someone's working and non-working days, but it won't go as far as showing the specific times of day that someone can/cannot work. 

An important thing to note, Collaborators won't show up on the Workload View - the logic being that the Collaborator license is intended for people outside of your organization whose work schedule you do not actively manage. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions, happy to talk about your use case more. 

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