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Is there a way to get a report (with certain presettings) automatically done ?

Some of our teams are reviewing their work every week and discuss the workload for the next week using the reports. 

To generate the report they therefore always use the same settings. 

Is it possible to save these settings and or to set a day in which this (the same) report will be generated for every week?


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Hi Rachel! Wrike's Reporting functionality allows you to save any required filtering criteria, and the Report is then automatically updated with up-to-date information. To access it, just open the saved Report from the corresponding tab in the left-hand navigation panel. Based on the use case you described, I recommend applying a filter for tasks which were either due, have started or were completed "This Week":

This ensures that the Report is updated dynamically for every given week. Another thing I wanted to mention is that we've just released an experimental feature which allows you to Share Reports with other users, this is especially helpful for getting the whole team on the same page :) Let me know if you have any other questions on building Reports, I'll be happy to provide some tips!

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