Automation and created task fields

Hi there,

We are using more and more automation and we love it.

However, there are a few things that we are missing which would greatly increase our productivity. In particular, we would like to be able to manipulate a task that has been automatically created by an automation, and more specifically, we would like to use the characteristics of the triggering task to update the created task.


Let me give you a clearer example: In our workflow, when a task reaches a given status, it automatically creates a task. For instance, when the item "feature A" reaches the "design" workflow, a new task is created in another kanban to track specifically the design task. But we need to name it "feature A Design"... Which would require:

1) to name the created task, using a formula

2) use the name of the triggering task in the formula (e.g.: concatenate "design" with the name of the triggering "feature A" task).

As of now, I can only create a task "design", which is silly: if I use automation, that's because that creation will happen more than once, so then it is meaningless to use only ONE name when I repeatedly use this automation...


Also, I'd like to be able to manipulate other fields of the created task, like for instance copy the assignee, or the due date for instance.. The only thing we've been able to do to satisfy our need was create blueprint and duplicate automations : I test the assignee if it's A then I create a blueprint A. Another automation is strictly the same but if assignee is B then I create blueprint B which is essentially the same as above, except the assignee is different... It would be much more powerfull to only have 1 rule that assigns the assignee of the created task based on the assignee of the triggering task...


To make things better, we would love enriched condition checking in the form of IF / THEN / ELSE. That way, in a single automation, I could say "if assignee of triggering task is A, then set assignee X in the created task, but if assignee of triggering task is B, then set assignee Y in the created task".



Last (but not least), we would love to be able to link two tasks together. For now, to keep the link between two related tasks, the only way we've found is mother/child... IT would be better to have the option to have links betwen tasks in the form of "is related to" or "is blocked by"... and of course to have access to this link through automation...

With all those things, we would be able to say: when activity "my activity A" reaches status S, then create another task somewhere else, name it "condition to my activity A", link it with a "relates to" to "my activity A", and set the same assignee as "my activity A" to the newly created task.

Now that's a lot to ask, but I'm sure other people would love those things....


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We have a similar issue but with creating projects from blue prints when status on a task is changed.  It would be great to be able to access the triggering Task to get the Name etc. to pass along to the new project.

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