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I wanted to share some feedback regarding dashboard development, specifically being able to set a specific overall dashboard canvas size.  As it relates to content creation and distribution, the ability to set canvas sizes to various standard paper dimensions would be a fantastic feature to have so:

Streamlined Document Creation: Enabling users to effortlessly adjust canvas sizes to standard paper dimensions, such as A4, Letter, Legal, etc., would significantly improve the efficiency of document creation. It would eliminate the time-consuming process of manually resizing or reformatting content for printing.

Distribution Quality: When users intend to print reports, presentations, or other materials, adhering to standard paper sizes becomes critical to maintaining a professional and polished appearance. This feature would guarantee that text, images, and other elements are visually appealing and legible on the printed page.

If i'm missing the place to configure this setting; my apologies.  However if it doesn't exist, it would be nice as this enhancement would likely resonate positively with other Wrike users.

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Hi Mark Walcott, welcome to Wrike forums 👋

Thank you for sharing such detailed feedback on dashboards and the ability to print info from them. I've already shared your idea with the team responsible for dashboards 👍 We'll share here in the Community if we have any updates for this idea in the future! 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. 

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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