Caution on Sharing Dashboards

Dashboards are an excellent tool to keep track of work and provide visibility across various departments. However, if you intend to share your Dashboard with others, it is essential to caution them that any changes made to the Dashboard will affect everyone who has access to it. This means that if anyone moves, modifies, deletes, or adds a widget, all the users who are shared on the dashboard will see the changes. Therefore, it is crucial to warn them not to delete the dashboard if they do not want to see it anymore. It is important to note that the Wrike platform does not provide any safeguards against unintended dashboard deletion. If someone mistakenly clicks on the delete button while intending to select a move or anything else from the dropdown, the dashboard will disappear immediately without any method of recovery.

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Hi Heather Perkins, I normaly share dashboards with the whole team (200 people). I share it only via Read Only. I think always only one person should have the guidance for a dashboard you are sharng with a larger amount of people.

Do you see also a risk if doing this with read only (deletion should than also be deactivated - I had no problems now for three years what is the time we are using Wrike)?

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Hi Sven,

Thank you for your suggestion! Read-only access would definitely eliminate deletion and change issues. I, too, create and share lots of Dashboards throughout my organization. We've only had one deletion so far, and thank goodness it was for a smaller team, but this occurrence has made me wonder if I should create duplicate Dashboards "just in case". 

I'll take your advice and change all shared access to Read-Only. 


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