Project Requests Based on Available Capacity

It would be excellent to be able to build available capacity communication into the request forms so that while they are filling out the request form, they can see what our current availability is.

Example: If Bob needs to request a flyer. He is putting his request in on Monday and he can see, in the request form, that our team is at capacity Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and our earliest availability for his work is Thursday. So he selects the Thursday date and continues filling out the form and submitting it.

Additionally, let's pretend an urgent need came up and he really needs that flyer by Tuesday, there is a checkbox indicating that it's an urgent request with a shorter deadline that would notify our master scheduler/project manager that this project needs a faster turn. We can then look at the availability and flexibility of existing projects to see if it is doable to work his flyer in. 


All projects/tasks have effort associated based on the blueprints and we know what our team's capacity is in the workload view - it would be HUGE if the request form tool had the ability to look at capacity and know, based on the type of request when/if we have availability to meet that need or allow the requestor to schedule it in our next available time. 

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Hi Kelly Hanson, thanks a lot for posting your suggestion and sharing some detail and examples here! I'm passing on your feedback to the Product team 👍

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